How the Ambassador Program Works

Are you wondering: just how does the Ambassador program work? We’ve designed the Ambassador Program to rely on a comprehensive nomination, screening, and training process to not only ensure the provision of quality interpretation services, but also to guarantee a fair and equitable selection process based on merit.

Preliminary Qualification Process

In order to participate in the InterpreMed Ambassador Program to be eligible for volunteer opportunities with our program partners, you must either be nominated by your peers (via our nomination process) OR demonstrate your qualifications (via our qualification process).

In order for a member to be nominated to the Ambassador Program, they must participate in live medical interpreting practice sessions in order for others to see their interpreting skills in action. Logged-in members can see our scheduled live practice sessions on this page. Other members may nominate peers that interpret the same language pair, and once a member obtains two nominations from their peers, InterpreMed staff will monitor the nominee in at least one practice session to ascertain their skill level. 

If InterpreMed staff determines that a nominee is of a sufficient skill level to participate in the Ambassador Program, the nominee will be notified by InterpreMed via e-mail. If the member decides they’d like to participate in the Ambassador Program, they will be asked to provide proof of their medical interpretation training (see “Eligibility” below).

Another way of becoming a volunteer with the Ambassador program is to reach out to us. You will need to share your interest in participating in the Ambassador program by sending an email to, making sure to attach the following documents:

  • Proof of medical interpretation training (See “Eligibility” below)
  • Language proficiency proof in English and the other languages you want to interpret in (See “Eligibility” below)

(Optional, but encouraged) Your CV, resume, or certifications (e.g. CCHI/NBCMI)

The InterpreMed staff will evaluate your profile and notify you if your application has been approved.

Eligibility Screening

Bear in mind that eligibility requirements for the Ambassador Program vary based on the Paths to Ambassadorship as outlined in the section “Preliminary Qualification Process.”

For the Nomination Process, you will first need two nominations from your InterpreMed practice peers.

For the Qualification Process, you will first need proof of language proficiency in English and your non-English languages(s) (e.g., standardized test, high school diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, etc.)

Additionally, in both application processes you will need to submit:

Proof of medical interpretation training and Proof of HIPAA Training. CV, resume, certifications, etc. are optional but encouraged to create a more holistic profile.

Required Documentation

In order for members to be eligible for the Ambassador Program, they will need to provide (at minimum) the following:

  • Medical Interpretation Training
    Prospective Ambassadors need to meet with this requirement as outlined by both the CCHI (Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters) and NBCMI (National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters) as a prerequisite for national certification.  This could be in the form of a completion of a medical interpretation training program of at least 40 hours, college-level courses in medical interpretation, etc. InterpreMed membership does not count towards this requirement.
  • HIPAA Training
    Because the organizations we currently partner with provide services in the medical field and often require the use of protected health information (PHI), prospective Ambassadors must provide proof of training that covers the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Candidates who do not have a HIPAA training certificate will be provided resources to obtain one.

Additional Documentation Required for Qualification Process

Additionally, if a member is interested in participating in the Ambassador Program but does not receive nominations from their peers (as outlined in the “Nomination Process” above), they will need to provide:

  • Proof of Language Proficiency in English and non-English language(s)
    Examples of these proofs include: high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, Parrot test, TOEFL.  Diplomas and degrees only serve as proof of proficiency for the language in which instruction is given (e.g. a degree from a French university in Finance would serve as proof of French language proficiency, whereas a Japanese language degree from a U.S. university would not serve as proof of Japanese proficiency).  Please note that this requirement cannot be fulfilled by any of the documents listed under “Optional Documentation” below.

Optional Documentation

Additionally, prospective Ambassadors may provide us with their CV, resume, or certifications (e.g. CCHI/NBCMI) to add to our volunteer database.  Not only will these assist us in gaining a fuller understanding of your qualifications, but they open up the door for us to connect you with any work or volunteering opportunities that may arise in the future.


Once deemed eligible, Ambassador candidates will receive free training on our online LMS (learning management system). A prospective Ambassador’s training will include:

  • An overview of the organization or organizations with which the Ambassador will be volunteering
  • NCIHC Ethics & Standards for Remote Volunteer Medical Interpretation
    A brief review of medical interpreting codes of ethics and standards of practice as they apply to the volunteer role with the organization
  • Digital Security Basics
    Training on digital security basics as it pertains to remote medical interpretation (ePHI management, secure communications, etc.) 

These trainings consist of training videos and assessments based on the training materials. Once training is completed and the candidate is ready, our brand-new Ambassador will be connected with the partner organization they have chosen to serve!

What’s the Ambassador Program?

Learn more about the InterpreMed Ambassador program, check out our amazing program partners, and see which of our members are serving the limited English proficient (LEP) community through our exciting and innovative initiative!

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