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InterpreMed Ambassador Program

Here you will find some answers to commonly-asked questions about InterpreMed’s Ambassador Program— our initiative to connect members with volunteer opportunities serving the Limited English Proficient (LEP) community. You can easily find relevant terms using the “Find in Page” feature in your browser (Windows: Ctrl+F) from the main menu.

Nomination Questions

How can I get nominated?

In order to participate in the Ambassador Program, you must first be nominated by a fellow member who also interprets your non-English working language(s). The path to being nominated first requires you to participate in IntepreMed’s live practice sessions. It stands to reason that the more practice sessions you participate in, the more opportunities you will have to interact with other members, show off your interpreting skills, and potentially be recognized by your peers as a skilled interpreter and subsequently nominated.

Can I ask someone to nominate me?

While we are not actively discouraging members from asking other members to nominate them, it’s important not to pressure a member into nominating you, or make them feel obligated to do so. Ideally, your skills should speak for themselves. Members are not allowed to bribe or coerce other members into nominating them, and nothing of value should be exchanged in return for a nomination. Please remember the ethical principle of professionalism for medical interpreters, which includes having integrity!

If someone nominates me, can I nominate them in return?

There is nothing prohibiting a member who you nominated from nominating you in return, or vice versa, but it is very important that both members do so because of the member’s interpreting skills, not a sense of personal obligation or “owing” the other person.

I do not currently participate in the live practice sessions on InterpreMed. Can I start participating now and potentially be nominated for the Ambassador Program?

Yes, absolutely! Whether you’ve never participated in a practice session before or have in the past, you can join our practice sessions at any time. Simply browse to the calendar (for logged-in members only) and look for a session that works for you in your working language(s). Don’t see a practice session in your language? Reach out to us and we can work with you to get practice sessions set up in your language.

There are no practice sessions available in my working language(s). How can I be nominated for the Ambassador Program?

If you’ve checked the calendar and don’t see a practice session in your language, reach out to us and we can work with you to get practice sessions set up in your language.

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