Introducing Academy @ InterpreMed: We’ve Got CEUs!

If you tuned in to our live stream on our Facebook page on Wednesday, you already know the scoop: we’ve launched a brand-new website called Academy @ InterpreMed! InterpreMed currently offers practice materials and exercises for medical interpreters of all skill levels, certified or otherwise, as well as live practice meetings. But we didn’t want the journey we’ve embarked on with our tight-knit community to end there, which is why we’ve listened to your feedback and decided to begin offering courses that are accredited for continuing education units (CEUs) on Academy @ InterpreMed.

The difference between and the Academy @ InterpreMed!

As teachers and lifelong learners, we believe that courses should be accessible to everybody and accommodating of each student’s unique learning style. With the Academy, we seek to combine the best qualities of self-paced learning and live classes with digital resources, as well as practice exercises for independent learning. To us, continuing education means more than just engaging in passive learning by simply watching a recorded webinar. In order to grow and thrive as interpreters, active learning is a must. This is why we’ve harnessed the power of a feature-rich LMS (learning management system) and really taken our time to develop a system for CEU courses that is both engaging and user-friendly.

A recording of our Facebook live announcement with a feature tour of the Academy

At the moment, we have two CE courses (eligible for NBCMI and CCHI CEUs) available at the Academy, with more to come soon:

Structuring Techniques for Consecutive Note-Taking

3 hours (0.3 NBCMI CEUs, 3.00 CE hrs CCHI)

We study structuring techniques to improve the organization and readability of your notes in consecutive interpreting. We will explain the logic behind each structuring technique by means of practical examples as well as exercises that you will complete during and after the presentation. After completing this course you will be able to systematically apply good structuring techniques to take clear and readable notes.

Let’s Talk Ethics! Confidentiality for Medical Interpreters

2 hours (0.2 NBCMI CEUs, 2.00 CE hrs CCHI)

Join us as we discuss the ethics of confidentiality in medical interpreting! What do the three main medical interpreting codes of ethics in the United States (NCIHC, IMIA, and CHIA) say about confidentiality? Is our obligation to confidentiality limited to HIPAA? Are there instances in which we can break confidentiality? We explore the answers to these questions in this self-paced CEU course.

Once again, we’re excited to have you all on this journey with us, and we’re continually motivated by your unwavering support. We look forward to bringing you bigger and better, never-before-seen continuing education courses! Be sure to visit the Academy, or join us at InterpreMed if you haven’t already.

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