NBCMI/CCHI Written Exam Study Guide

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Written Exam Study Guide

Scroll down for the recording of the NBCMI/CCHI Written Exam Championship that took place on July 11, 2021!

Required Readings & VideosEthical Decision Making (Consecutive)Sight TranslationSimultaneousEthics & Standards of Practice ExercisesMedical Terminology FREE Online CoursesExtra

NCIHC Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice (Also read: Interpreter Advocacy in Healthcare Encounters – A Closer Look) I


MIA Code of Ethics


CHIA’s California Standards for Healthcare Interpreters

What She Doesn’t Know…


“These Are Your Options”


Family Matters Abortion Story (Spanish only)

Know Your Rights (includes Spanish translation analysis)


LEP Recipient Brochure


Reference Document:


NCIHC’s Sight Translation and Written Translation Guidelines for Healthcare Interpreters

Abortion Story, Evil Eye, You Have The Right To An Interpreter


Anti-vax, Mental Health Beliefs & Stigma, Transvaginal Ultrasound


Blood Transfusion & Family Knows Best

NCIHC Standards of Practice Quiz




CHIA Ethical Principles MATCHING Quiz


Ethical Mini-Vignettes 1: Flow of Communication


Ethical Mini-Vignettes 2: Advocacy


Ethical Mini-Vignettes 3: Cultural Responsiveness


Multi-Choice Ethics: Professionalism


Multi-Choice Ethics: Cultural Responsiveness


Roles of the Medical Interpreter


Video Lesson


Quiz on Video Lesson


CHIA’s Roles Matching Quiz


Roles Mini-Vignettes 1


Roles Mini-Vignettes 2


Roles Mini-Vignettes 3

Medical roots, suffixes, and prefixes glossary


Medical roots suffixes, and prefixes QUIZ #1


Medical roots, suffixes, and prefixes QUIZ #2

FREE Medical Terminology Course by Des Moines University


FREE HIPAA Training (with certificate)

Video: U.S. Healthcare System by Ventura Castillo


Video: Ethical Decision-Making Made Easy

Written Exam Championship Recording

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