Physical Therapy

Physical therapy study guide

1. Watch the following exercise video tutorials for physical therapy

Physical therapy exercises

2. Review this medical term comparison about physical therapy

3. Review this register grid about physical therapy

4. Read and study the general physical therapy glossary

General physical therapy glossary

SPANISH SPEAKERS: Click here to access the Spanish general physical therapy glossary

5. Complete the following quiz:

Physical therapy quiz #1

SPANISH speakers please, click here to access your physical therapy quiz
1. Sight translate or translate these documents:

*Review these sight translation glossary and forum discussion created by other members

Document 1: Discharge instructions for surgery

Document 2: Postoperative rehabilitation (limited home program)

1. Review and practice with the consecutive script and glossary for ”shoulder struggles” (click here to open)

SPANISH SPEAKERS: Click here to access the English-Spanish glossary


SPANISH SPEAKERS: Slowly and steady 

1. Practice your symbols

MEMORY CLUB MEMBERS: Review the memory and symbol exercises.
1. Practice simultaneous interpreting

Physical Therapy exercises
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