1. Review the symbol flashcards/glossaries


2. Practice with this Word to Symbols (Dictation) exercise



  1. medicine, drug, prescription, dose, ultrasound, patient, cane
  2. body, survive, haircut, head, eye, nose, mouth, teeth
  3. ear, neck, throat, arm, hands, nail, wrist
  4. chest, breast, navel, waist, back, groin, ribs
  5. vagina, childbirth, penis, butt, leg, influenza, flesh
  6. lung, kidney, love, artery, treatment, biopsy, diagnosis 
  7. prognosis, symptom, history, fracture, oxygen, temperature, height, weight 
  8. Pain, embarrassed, tired, uncomfortable, energy, dysfunction, hormone, enzyme, inflammation, rash
  9. fracture, treatment, diagnosis, experience, symptom, prescription
  10.  anxiety, biopsy, chest, prognosis, history, oxygen

3. Practice with this Phrases to Symbols exercise

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