Step 1: Translate and review medical terminology

Instructions: Translate into your other language the English terms you will see here.

Free resources to find translated terms: LingueeWord ReferenceDeepLProZ term searchMerck Manuals (available in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, and many other languages), bilingual paper dictionaries, and websites from official sources like CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Note: if you already created flashcards for these terms, feel free to share the link with me in a message on Facebook.

ARABIC translation document.
Click here to open the ARABIC Excel spreadsheet for the flashcards

SPANISH translation document.

FRENCH translation document.

Step 2: Complete this audio-glossary exercise.

Instructions: Listen to the words and translate them out loud into your other language.



Step 3: Do the following consecutive role-play

* Pause the audio and interpret after you hear each segment. You must take notes.

Step 4: Sight translate the following medical history form.

Step 5: Complete the following quiz.

Step 6: Review the following flashcards

* Read out loud the term in English and then say out loud the correct translation into your other language.
* These flashcards are in English-Spanish. If your other language is not Spanish, ignore the Spanish and remember your other language translation.

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