Step 1: Translate and review medical terminology

Instructions: Translate into your other language the English terms you will see here.

Free resources to find translated terms: LingueeWord ReferenceDeepLProZ term searchMerck Manuals (available in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, and many other languages), bilingual paper dictionaries, and websites from official sources like CDC (Center for Disease Control).

ARABIC translation document.

SPANISH translation document.

FRENCH translation document.

Step 2: Sight translate this MRI screening form (opens in a new tab)

Step 3: Interpret the following role-play scenario

Step 4: Complete the following quiz

Step 5: Review the following flashcards

* Read out loud the term in English and then say out loud the correct translation into your other language.
* These flashcards are in English-Spanish. If your other language is not Spanish, ignore the Spanish and remember your other language translation.
* Here is the ARABIC translation document. You can add in your translation in the Excell sheet and it will update in the flashcards.

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