The Note-taking & Memory Club is a club where you will be able to study the ins and outs of Nanyi’s note-taking symbol system for consecutive interpretation. The club meets once or twice a month and it’s run by Nanyi Mateo (CMI-Spanish, CHI™). She developed a clear interpretation algorithm and over 400 symbols for medical, legal, and general interpretation. Applying Nanyi’s note-taking system will help you improve your memory retention and ensure accurate renditions in each and every interpreting encounter.

The Note-taking & Memory Club also includes the recordings of all past lectures, practice sessions with feedback provided by Nanyi, and self-paced materials that you can access at any time, such as audios and symbol transcriptions in the context of medical specialties included in our InterpreMed study guides. For example, if for any given month we are studying the topic of diabetes, you will be able to find note-taking exercises for diabetes that will help you with the other exercises in the study guide, mainly vocabulary practice, sight translation, consecutive, and simultaneous interpreting. These note-taking exercises are very effective for you to learn Nanyi’s note-taking system since she originally created these exercises for herself and that’s how she and many other students are developing this note-taking system.

As a +Memory Club or Master+Memory Club member, you get everything that InterpreMed has to offer, including a Basic Note-taking Course, NBCMI/CCHI written and oral exam study guides, Nanyi’s Symbols Glossary*, and the Ethics Club run by Kelly Grzech (CMI-Spanish, CHI™).

The Note-taking & Memory Club is great for independent learners on a budget who are looking to improve their note-taking skills at their own pace and around their commitments.

* Nanyi’s Symbols Glossary is only available to yearly Master+Memory Club members.

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