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Consecutive Monologues (from Simultaneous exercises)
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Level 3 – Exercise 3 – First Prenatal Visit

Step 1: Review the consecutive role play glossary


  1. Read the glossary
  2. Memorize the terms
  3. Listen to the audio and say out loud the translations of the terms after you hear them
  4. Review the flashcards (after the script)



Step 2: Practice consecutive interpreting


  • You have to take notes (either on pen and paper or tablet/computer). If you would like to practice note-taking, please, go to this page (click to open). 
  • Don’t look at the script at the same time you hear the audio. You have to memorize what each party says.
  • Record your renditions with your computer or cellphone. Then listen to your recording and compare it with the script. Check for accuracy and style of delivery (speech, register, voice, tone)

Step 3: Practice simultaneous interpreting with these Youtube videos: Amniocentesis and Pap smear test. (click to open in a new tab)

The vocabulary list for these videos will be uploaded soon!

Step 4: Practice sight translation with this brochure about Healthy Start Prenatal Assessment (click to open in a new tab)

Read the glossary for this sight translation.



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