Nanyi Mateo (Founder)

Nanyi Mateo is a Spanish Medical Interpreter certified by NBCMI and CCHI. Since 2018, she’s been working as a video remote and over-the-phone medical interpreter as well as a quality assurance agent with multiple agencies across the United States. In 2020, she started teaching interpretation and note-taking for online interpreting schools in California and Chicago, such as Americans Against Language Barriers (AALB) and She has presented her original note-taking language for national and international interpreting associations, such as the National Society of Translators and Interpreters of New Zealand (NZSTI), the Multilingual Consortium of the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), and the staff interpreters of one of the UCLA Health Systems.


I founded InterpreMed because I wanted to create an online community for members to be able to bridge the gap between medical interpretation 40-hour certificates, national certification, and job acquisition. As experienced medical interpreter and lifelong learner, I know that interpreting is best learned through hands-on practice. However, I’m also aware that it can be difficult to find reliable, high-quality materials to practice with, let alone a supportive community in your own language pair to help you achieve your professional goals. Because of this, I decided to create a judgment-free learning community, as well as produce original self-paced and live practice materials for both novice and seasoned interpreters interested in improving their skills. I believe that neither money, time, location, nor age should serve as obstacles to becoming the best interpreter you can be. My main goal is to empower interpreters to better serve the community and the providers they work with.

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