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About the Ethics Club:

Introducing our innovative and thought-provoking ethics club! The ethics club not only has live monthly meetings that explore medical interpreting principles in-depth, but also a wide range of interactive activities and resources to step up your ethical interpreting game. What do the interpreting codes of ethics and standards of practice say about ethics? How are they similar? What do their differences tell us about interpreting ethically in a medical setting? We also explore ethical scenarios based on real interpreting experiences in preparation for conducting ourselves ethically in the field. This course is included with all Memory Club membership levels. The course includes:

  • Access to live monthly meetings
  • Access to recordings to all past Ethics Club meetings
  • Engaging quizzes on ethical principles in a wide variety of formats
  • Detailed analyses of ethical principles across medical interpreting codes of ethics
  • Ethical mini-vignettes in which you choose the correct course of action
  • Choose Your Own Script consecutive interpreting exercises in which you’re faced with an ethical scenario that determines the outcome

Course Content

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Multidisciplinary Ethics
2022 MEETING RECORDINGS (Ethical Scenarios)
2021 Meeting Recordings (Mostly Lecture-Based)
Impartiality vs. Role Boundaries

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