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  1. marguima


    Hi Nanyi,
    I enrolled in InterpreMed the first half of last year, to study for my written NBCMI exam, which I passed on June 26th. I am now studying for the oral exam, which I will take on February 10th of this year, so I decided to re-enrolled again in the InterpreMed standard plan, but have realized that I will need to be somewhat proficient in note-taking to remember all the necessary information and pass my oral exam, which is very intimidating. Furthermore, I started practicing the “beginner’s” simulations, and the sentences are long and filled with a lot of details, which require quick note-taking. Could I change my current subscription from standard ($20.00 per month) to Pro+ Memory ($25.00 per month.) I only enrolled last week and I have already made my monthly payment of $20.00 via Paypal. Could I switch now by just paying the difference ($5.00) for this first month, and from then on pay $25.00 for the Pro + Memory? Would be grateful for your feedback on this. Thank you.

    • Nanyi


      Hi, Marguima. Yes! You can change your membership to the +Memory Club membership. I just sent you a discount code to the email that you used to register at InterpreMed so you only pay the $5 difference this month and then $25 per month.

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