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This is our basic ethics and standards of practice course all about medical interpreting codes of ethics and standards of practice, available to all membership levels on InterpreMed. For more advanced practice, members can access our one-of-a-kind Ethics Club! Our Ethics and Standards of Practice course is designed to give students a primer in the three main medical interpreting codes of ethics in use in the United States and beyond with a variety of practice activities. In addition, this course is excellent practice for those looking to study for their written medical interpretation certification exams.

Did you know that most medical interpretation training courses only focus on one code of ethics or set of standards of practice? The fact is that according to CCHI and NBCMI (the main certifying bodies of medical interpreters in the United States) medical interpreters should be familiar with at least these three:

This course contains engaging and varied practice exercises involving all three codes of ethics and standards of practice, such as:
  • Quizzes for ethical principles and standards of practice (Absolute Beginner)
    We employ a variety of quiz formats to test your knowledge and become familiar with medical interpreting ethical principles and standards of practice, including matching quizzes and multiple choice assessments. The majority of our assessments include detailed explanations of correct responses so students can understand why that option was best, instead of simply memorizing correct responses.
  • Multiple choice ethical scenarios (Beginner)
    Ethical scenarios can be daunting for beginners, which is why we provide students with the opportunity to practice with simple ethical scenarios that are multiple choice before practicing in a more open-ended format. We also detailed explanations of correct responses so students can understand why that option was best, instead of simply memorizing correct responses.
  • Ethical Mini Vignettes (Intermediate)
    Our Ethical Mini Vignettes offer a glimpse into interpreting encounters, honing in on ethical principles and the ethical decision-making process. While still providing multiple options when asking students what they would do in different ethical scenarios, students are guided towards more ethical interpreting practices by being prompted with thought-provoking questions.
  • Choose Your Own Script – Ethical Decision-Making (Intermediate)
    Perhaps our most innovative format is our “Choose Your Own Script” exercise that doubles as a consecutive interpreting script. Students are presented with a short consecutive interpreting script and asked to make a choice based on the ethical decision-making process. That choice actually changes the rest of the encounter. Members are able to see the real-world consequences of their decisions without putting patients’ health and well-being at risk.
  • Advanced Ethical Analysis (Advanced)
    The Advanced Ethical Analysis exercises serve as an intensive drill for members to hone their ethical interpreting practices. Members are given open-ended questions and guided through the ethical decision-making process in which they examine different courses of action and their risks and benefits. By engaging in this extensive exercise, students are able to thoroughly examine all angles of ethical scenarios and ethical dilemmas in medical interpreting.


  1. Zeinab Al Salman


    Hello , please I would like to register for ethics and standers of practice to prepare myself for CCHI written exam . Looking forward to hear back from you ,could you please let me know the steps and registration fee charge. Highly appreciated your assistance.

    Thank you

    • Nanyi


      Hello, Zeinab. We have a study guide for NBCMI and CCHI written and oral exams. To become a member, you can visit our homepage: and scroll down to see the pricing and features each membership level includes.

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