What is the InterpreMed Ambassador Program?

Through our live medical interpreting practice sessions, the InterpreMed team has the unique opportunity of seeing aspiring medical interpreters in action, enabling us to identify talented individuals who are prepared to put their skills to use in the field.  The Ambassador Program seeks to make the most of this opportunity by connecting eligible members with volunteer interpreting opportunities with charitable organizations serving the limited English proficient (LEP) community.

Ambassador Program Partners

All of the organizations with which the InterpreMed Ambassador Program partners are charitable organizations that provide invaluable services to the LEP community. Here are some of the outstanding organizations with which InterpreMed partners to connect our qualified members with volunteer opportunities. Feel free to visit their website for more information about the great work they’re doing!

How It Works

The Ambassador Program relies on a thorough nomination, screening, and training process to not only ensure the provision of quality interpretation services, but also to guarantee a fair and equitable selection process based on merit.

Training Dashboard

Are you an Ambassador with the InterpreMed Ambassador Program? Do you need to complete your required trainings? After completing the eligibility screening process, click the button below to access the training dashboard.

Nominate a Member

Are you an active member of InterpreMed who would like to nominate one of your fellow members for the Ambassador Program? Click the button below to find out more about if and how you can nominate another member, and submit a nomination.

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