Ambassador Program Partner Trainings:

Community Health

Thank you for your interest in the InterpreMed Ambassador program and for choosing our program partner Community Health to serve as a volunteer interpreter!

What is Community Health?

CommunityHealth is the largest volunteer-based health center in the U.S. They provide primary and specialty care, medications, lab testing, mental health services, and health education at no charge to low-income, uninsured adults in Chicago. 

Medical interpreters play a crucial role in patient care by assisting with communication between patients and medical providers during visits. Volunteers must be fluent in both Polish or Spanish and English. Other languages are welcome provided there is a demand. Interpreting is offered both remotely (via video + phone) and onsite. Community Health provides medical vocabulary materials, training, and support to help volunteers excel in either format.

What are the requirements to Volunteer for Community Health?

1. Schedule Availability
Must commit to at least two, four-hour shifts per month for one year.
Volunteers with weekday, daytime availability are especially needed.

Shifts: M/T/Th/F: 9am-1pm; M/T/W: 1:30-5pm; M/W/Th: 5-8pm (Central Time)

2. U.S. Location and Phone Number
Volunteers can be located worldwide. In-person interpreters must be located in the U.S. If interested in remote interpretation, you need to have a U.S. phone number (CommunityHealth can help you set up a U.S. phone number to volunteer if you are outside of the U.S.).

Additionally, as an InterpreMed Ambassador, InterpreMed requires you to complete the courses below (Ethics & Standards of Practice, Digital Security Basics, and HIPAA training). After you complete these courses, or if you have already completed them for another Program Partner, please email with your name, the email that you use for InterpreMed, and notify that you have completed these courses to receive a registration form so you can start the onboarding process with Community Health. Bear in mind that you will also need to provide a HIPAA training certificate.

Where do I get HIPAA training?

There are free and paid resources for HIPAA training. Click on any of the following courses and submit your HIPAA certificate to If you have received HIPAA training in the past, you don’t need to take another HIPAA training but you do need to submit the HIPAA certificate to

* InterpreMed does NOT receive any monetary compensation for the purchase of these trainings*

  1. AccountableHQ FREE HIPAA Training (there may be a minor fee for requesting a certificate)

ATTENTION: Interpreters located outside the U.S., before you volunteer with Community Health, you must set up a HIPAA-compliant Zoom number and a VPN. You can click here to read the PDF document explaining how to do so, and if you need any help, you can email to help you with the setup.

Please note that the training dashboard is only available to Ambassadors that have completed the eligibility screening process. If you do not see “Required Trainings” above, this means that you don’t have access to the Ambassador Training Dashboard. For more information about the InterpreMed Ambassador Program and how to participate in it, please visit this page.

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